reclaimed wood work by Josh Jones Agrestic Design

Frequently Asked Questions

The wood comes from all sorts of old buildings such as schools, churches, warehouses or  any old building being demolished that have high quality wood that was available 50+ years ago.

The wood is sanded and cleaned leaving behind just the character behind, it can be treated with modern urethanes or traditional oils and is just as easy to keep clean as modern materials.

I have quite a network of wood salvagers that have always been able to supply me with any wood species I’ve asked for.

If while designing a kitchen or bathroom cabinetry its decided that the look of old wood is not for you then I will certainly build out of new wood, I enjoy working with old wood for its character but enjoy working with any wood really, theres a lot of exotic wood plantations these days that don’t contribute to tropical rain forest de-forestation as it had in the past.

Being a small company the overhead is kept to a minimum and therefore I’m able to be quite comparable with large cabinet makers, especially when using re-claimed materials.

I typically only have a couple of bigger projects on the go at a time so I am able to give each job the attention they need to be completed in a timely fashion.

Other than the odd faulty piece of hardware that needed replacing I’ve never had an issue with any of my projects but in the event of an issue I’ll certainly fix or replace anything that is faulty.