reclaimed wood work by Josh Jones Agrestic Design

About Josh

I always appreciate when given the opportunity to build a kitchen or other project as I know there are many options for cabinets that come in a box from overseas. I enjoy creating something and knowing that theres really only one just like that one. While working with a client, ideas can be passed around to come up with a truly unique piece of work that can be enjoyed for years to come. Imported products built in mass quantities have their place but it’s nice to know that there are people that enjoy working together to come up with something unique and says something about who they are.

I take pride in knowing that the end result has been built with care and attention to the smallest details to come up with a lasting beauty that only a customized hand built project can feature. Working with a customer can be a wonderful way to get to know someone and to learn about likes and dislikes when it comes to stylizing each project. I always complete a project as friends with who I’ve worked for and feel like I’ve really been part of something big in their lives especially when it’s a home that’s been built for their retirement and it’ll be the last home they live in, the kitchen is really the heart of a home in many ways and to design, create and install a kitchen out of wood with many years of history behind it can feel amazing to re-purpose this beautiful old product into something that can be appreciated for many more years to come.

I enjoy knowing that there have been no trees taken down for many of my projects, The wood used in cabinet making and furniture is of high quality typically and therefore the old growth tress are sought after for this purpose, while using re-claimed materials you’re able to have the quality of old growth trees without contributing to the removal of the big old trees that yield cabinet making quality wood.

Every aspect of a kitchen cabinet design can be discussed and customized right down to hinges and drawer slides. I like to use good quality Lee Valley hardware and am finding the soft close slides and hinges are quite popular but if cost is a big factor theres decent functioning hardware available as well. I tend to be able to be quite competitive with my product for a small company as my materials costs are quite reasonable through a few wood salvage suppliers I have.